Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A look back at Del Tura

Tomorrow, Mom, Steve & I are taking off for Fort Myers - they'll stay a few days before going up to Tampa to see friends.  It's Grandma's last year in Del Tura and we've had quite the memories over the years.  I couldn't find too many past photos and some years we didn't really take any, but here's a look at some past trips...
Derek made the trip this year - Ryan also took us up to Disney and we went to West Palm Beach after.

One trip this year I made by myself and one trip I went down with Mom & Steve

Sam came down from Providence with me this year for spring break - sophomores in college.
Also the year that Ryan, Sam & I tried to heat up pizza roles as a late night snack and found out Grandma stored bread & crackers in the over as the oven was heating.
Bryanna & I flew from Providence to Media for a few days and then down to Grandma's for the rest of the week. - Freshman in college.

With Jena - Seniors in high school


Kortne & I on Spring Break in 2006 - Juniors in high school.
I've made a trip down for Spring Break every year since I was in high school except 2011 when I was doing my internship - the missing years there's either no pictures or I just couldn't find them :-/
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