Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This & That

We haven't made our trip to the Pumpkin patch yet but we have made a few trips to a local market to get some pumpkins for our porch.  We'll let Tatum pick some to "try" to paint and for us to carve at the pumpkin patch -- still fun to get out and get into the spirit.

About a month ago, Tatum started spending Tuesdays at Lovie's house and it's been awesome!  Lovie always has the best lunches ready for him when he arrives, they play hard and have so much fun and I get a few quiet hours at the office to get things done.

Things have been cooling off... sort of (it's in the upper 70's still this week) so we've been playing outside more with Tatum since he's starting to walk but he LOVES running all over in his walker and holding Stella's leash. 

Tatum loves Ducks - His favorite stuffed animal is Ducky and he carries his bath ducks all over - one in each hand.  We surprised him last week with a dozen Halloween ducks and he was so thrilled.  I keep finding them ALL over.

And our sweet Stella girl being herself...

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  1. Some of those pumpkins are HUGE! We don't even get that size or good looking pumpkins in the measly FL weather. I love the fact that Tatum has taken on the responsibility (or at least learning) to walk Stella! Too cute! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis