Friday, October 19, 2018

Tatum's First Birthday

We did it - our little baby turned ONE on Tuesday! It was the best day - I cannot wait until his next birthday, Christmas, etc.  Even though he didn't get it, we had the best time celebrating him!  We started the day with balloons in his crib right when he woke up and we gave him one toy, a puzzle, which he loved.

*I can't even believe the amount of pictures I took in one day -- I'm hoping future birthdays I can tone it down, ha!*

Once we were up we went down to have breakfast and then went into see his toys!  We did some balloons which I want to do on all of his birthdays and we got an inflatable cake because I was looking for a tradition that we could do each year that he'd find fun and look forward to... and it was just that - so fun!  We kept the gift wrap on the toys easy to the opening could go fast and the playing could last longer.  Stella got a toy first because we don't want her to be left out and it kept her so happy the rest of the morning.

While Tatum took his morning nap I setup for his party that night with family and then the three of us went to lunch together and had the best time (and the best meal!)  We also went to the playground after and it was such fun. 

What's a first birthday without a few family photos?!  I had to get some with all four of us (including Stella)  as well as with the family that was there with us.

Like I've said before, Tatum loves ducks so when I found the duck toppers paired with party hats I knew we'd go cupcakes (cake will be for his birthday party) and he'd love it. I wanted classic birthday party decorations for him and was pleased with how it turned out and how easy it was! 

Tatum loves pasta so we got catering from a local favorite with many of his favorite foods and things that everyone else would like too!

He was more into opening gifts at night than he was in the morning, he'd reach into a bag and grab things out.  He was so pleased with himself and we were all so happy watching him.

We had a bunch of appetizers and then did presents while the dinner heated up.  We finished off with cupcakes and it was the first time we just let Tatum "go at it" and I'm pretty sure every one of us loved watching him attack that cupcake.  I think he loved it just as much


  1. Oh gosh, that last picture....too cute!

  2. So sweet! I love seeing them have at it with their cupcakes/cake. 😍

  3. Oh my gosh, that inflatable cake is THE COOLEST! He will definitely look forward to that each year. I bet Tatum had the best day!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. It looks like Tatum's first birthday couldn't have been more perfect! I love the idea of doing something the same every year, and that blowup cake is perfect for it!