Thursday, October 4, 2018

Penn State vs. Ohio State

After the wedding on Friday night we left at 6am for State College, we missed Game Day but had time to rest up and get ready to tailgate and go to the White Out.  Mom stayed at the house with Tatum but we had a big group of us to enjoy the nice weather, tailgate and good game... until the end.

We went with Wegman's catering since we were coming into town late and it worked so well - hoagies, pasta salad, wings, soft pretzels and a few snacks and desserts.

There's nothing like a White Out night - it's such fun!  It seemed like things were working for us until the final minutes and for the second year in a row, we lost to them by one point.  


  1. Such a bummer about the loss at the end. Still seems like a great time - all your tailgates look so much fun!

  2. So sorry about your loss- those games are such bummers! But still looks like such a fun time! Your family is adorable!!