Friday, October 5, 2018

A Day in the Life: 9-12 Months

I've had so much fun doing these posts throughout Tatum's first year, can't wait to have them to look back on to remember and look forward to doing some more in his second year.  I picked Tuesday of this week because Tuesdays are new for us this fall - instead of coming to the office with me in the afternoon, we spend the morning at home until after Tatum's morning nap and then my mom watches him while I go to the office for a few hours - we love "Lovie" days!

Our weeks are pretty standard - Mondays we're usually home, Wednesdays are errands or an outing, Thursdays an office day and Friday we do something fun - each day has lots of playing, walks, playdates, etc.  Now that he's almost fully walking we'll incorporate many more outings to playgrounds and other kids places.

I'm usually up between 6:30 and 7 (now that it's fall I've been trying to wake up a little before Tatum to get just a thing or two done) but I woke up at 4am this morning and had trouble going back to sleep so Derek saves me and grabs Tatum at 7:30, brings him into our bed for a couple minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a new favorite) while I have time to wake myself up.

I always do laundry on Tuesdays (and Fridays) so since we weren't home last Friday I have a lot - I throw in a load, make the bed and make it down for Tatum's breakfast about 5 minutes late.

8:05am: Breakfast in the highchair - he has a whole big jar of baby food - apple, banana and strawberry (which this is the only meal he'll really tolerate being spoon fed for now, he loves doing the pouch himself) then he has some cheerios while I get Stella food and a bone, tidy the kitchen, do the dishwasher, etc. then a bottle on the couch.

Today (and most days) I try to take Stella for a quick or long walk, today we have time for a longer one.  

Just after 9am: Back from the walk and Tatum plays by himself in his playpen by my office for a few minutes while I do a few things then it's playtime in the playroom until nap!

9:45am: Diaper change, pre-nap bottle, rocking to sleep and asleep by 10.  I'm always most productive during morning nap and try to do all of the things.  Today that means shower and get ready, flip the laundry and put more in, get some chicken out of the freezer for dinner, move Tatum's 6-9 month clothes bins to the basement, and go through a few emails/do a blog post meant for yesterday... lots of days this time is spent at my desk.

11:30am: He's up squirming/playing nicely/laying back down in his crib so I quickly flip the laundry again and put some towels in, eat a quick egg salad lunch and put a simple lemon chicken into the crockpot.

Noon: Tatum's up, dressed and our bags are packed so we're headed out the door.

My mom needs to get some mums and offers to get me some too as she wants to get some pictures of Tatum by the pumpkins at a local produce market so we make a stop to meet her on the way to her house.

I drop Tatum off, Lovie has an awesome lunch out for him (peas, strawberries, cheese slices, crackers, yogurt) and I head off to the office. 

I spend the afternoon tackling a bunch of things that were left on my desk and it's so nice to work in the quiet! When I finish up I work on a little birthday planning because today marks two weeks until the big ONE! 

I head back to pick Tatum up - he played hard with Lovie and didn't nap so he takes a late nap on the way home.

We get home just before 5:30, I change into some comfy clothes, put Tatum's laundry in and we head outside with Daddy to play! 

6pm:  We come back inside for Tatum's dinner - mac n cheese, crackers and a veggie pouch then a little vanilla ice cream.  He has four teeth coming in so recently dinner has been filled with a few tears. 

Derek and I have our lemon chicken dinner with miscellaneous sides.

6:45pm: We all play for a bout a half hour in the playroom - we're working on making bedtime a little earlier as it seems like Tatum needs that.  Tatum loves bath time so we have fun with that after for a little bit.

7:35pm:  He's in his pajamas and Daddy does his bedtime bottle and rocks him to sleep with just a couple tears and he's asleep within about 10 minutes.

I never do this but I'm trying to make more of a point to have a few minutes of relaxing during Tatum's afternoon nap and also in the evening so I come right down and sit on the couch for a little tv with my Stella girl not to me.

The night's finished up in the office doing a few blog posts from our busy weekend and then I head up around 9:45 to read relax and get to bed early!

So there's our boring, simple day that I'll love looking back on when Tatum's in school.


  1. Such a busy,productive and fun day! Can't believe how big he's gotten! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. His recent expressions are just so fun! Love that first picture! And your boring, simple days seem pretty darn great to me. :) It sounds like you really have a great schedule down that allows you to get things done and spend lots of quality time with Tatum!

  3. I love these posts and the pictures of Tatum walking Stella! So cute! Random question for you, do you have a mat down in the bathtub for Tatum or does he do a good job of just sitting on his own and not falling backwards. Right now the girls are in chairs in the bathtub, but they're almost at the point of crawling out of them, but it freaks me out to put them in the bathtub alone. I'm weird and overly stressed about stupid things I know...