Thursday, October 11, 2018

First Birthday Wishlist

We have less than a week until Tatum's first birthday - I can't believe it!  Right now he really only has "baby toys" - we've been holding off on getting him too many things (other than a walker and a few little things here and there) but have really steered away from anything age 1+ with his both his birthday and Christmas right around the corner.  Browsing at kids toys is so much fun - I think I'll be equally as excited as him to play with new toys boy around birthday and at Christmas.  

Now that he's sort of walking - this is perfect for him to hold onto for better balance and push around.

It's little but a great playset for his age - I can just picture him climbing all over this thing.

Tatum loves his mega blocks!  He obviously can't build with them yet but he loves holding them, playing with them, having us build them and him knock them over.  The table will be perfect for him to stand and play at, the wagon he'll pull all over, he loves the ride on toys and the matching little push truck is really cute.

Pushing a ball down the ramp, putting a block into the opening in the train, etc. are activities he's really starting to get - now that he's walking I think he'll love walking the ball up to the hoop and dropping it in.

My parents have a similar one at their house and he loves riding along - I'm so excited for him to "open" this next week and to go on family walks with it.

Another toy my mom has at her house and he loves - the pieces are big enough that he can sort of put them together.

He loves his rubber ducks, finger puppets, etc. in the tub and out of the tub - bath time has become part of his nightly routine and a favorite - he loves standing up in the tub (which I don't love) but I think he'l enjoy putting these up.

Like I said above, he loves putting toys where they need to go so I think he'd like sending these cars down the ramp.

Happy Friday! xx 


  1. For my nephews first birthday I got him a little mower and it was the cutest thing ever! By far one of his favorite things!

  2. Our kids have loved that basketball goal forever and they STILL play with it to this day. You'll get your money's worth for sure!