Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Weekend Scenes: My Best Friend's Wedding

We had a crazy weekend... we left for New Jersey last Wednesday to start the celebrations for my best friend's wedding on Friday.  Saturday morning we took off for State College for the PSU/OSU game and came home exhausted from having so much fun on Sunday.

We had the best time at the wedding but I hardly had my phone since I was the Matron of Honor and had nowhere to put it and other jobs to be doing - I managed to snap a few pictures but can't wait to see the professional ones!

Wednesday night we went out to dinner with her family, who's like family to us.  Thursday we did a bunch of errands and then it was time for the rehearsal dinner.  We had a delicious meal and such excitement getting ready for the next day.  Tatum totally showed off, was so well behaved and had the best time.

Friday morning we were up early with excitement and the day started around 10am with breakfast and the start of hair and makeup.  Always such fun to have a group of girls together sipping mimosas, getting pampered and being so excited for your friend!  Tatum even popped by for a quick hello on the way to the hotel (where his other Grandpa babysat him the rest of the day!)

The rest of the day was a blur of excitement, we left mid afternoon for the venue and pictures and such and it was a gorgeous evening wedding then such a fun reception.  We all got to enjoy the cocktail hour and then dance the night away.  It was such an honor to be the Matron of Honor and we had the best time!


  1. Wedding weekends are always the MOST fun and it looks like y’all had the best time! You were a gorgeous MOH!

  2. The wedding looked gorgeous - all the florals were just so so pretty! You guys definitely did pack it in, and I am sure the best memories were made!

  3. Looks like a gorgeous wedding!! The photo of Tatum resting his chin on the table is just so cute!