Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tatum Beau: Twelve Months

Yesterday our little guy was a year old - I can't believe it!  We had so much fun celebrating yesterday - we had a fun day the three of us and then celebrated with family at night.  We'll have his first birthday party this weekend and we can't wait!  To think, last year on this day we were in our second day at the hospital and tomorrow we'd head home to start our new life!

Tater Tot, Taters, Tay Tay, Tum Tum, TBS


20 pounds, 29 inches

He has two teeth and is getting four more all right now.


He's in 12 month outfits and also some 6-12 that runs big or some 12-18 that runs a little bit smaller. Still in size 4 diapers.


The only real changes from last month are that his naps are a little earlier and he's going to bed/waking up a little bit earlier.

7:30: Wakeup (if up early, cuddles with Mom and Dad)
8am: Breakfast (fruit baby food and cheerios) then bottle on the couch
8:30am: Play time 
9:30/45am: Morning nap
Noon: Lunch (started the month with yogurt and puffs and now it can range from yogurt, a pouch, leftover noodles, fruit slices, ritz cracker, etc.)
*Afternoon Varies* Depending if we're home, at the office, running errands, etc.
2:30pm: Bottle and down for afternoon nap somewhere between here 
*play time once he wakes up*
6pm: Dinner (a pouch and a mix of foods)
*playing, etc.*
7:15: Head upstairs for bath time, getting ready for bed, bottle
7:30/45pm: Bedtime
He loves table food! Whenever we go out now we order for him on the menu so that's been really fun.  He gets so excited when he sees one of his favorites.

We've started adding a little bit of milk to his formula bottles to get him used to it.  Started with 7 ounces formula, 1 ounce milk and are slowly working on building up to all milk!

New tries this month... spaghetti and meatballs, chicken nuggets, fried zucchini, pizza, pancakes & eggs, fruit, casseroles or misc. things that we are having for dinner.

Favorites... mac n cheese, crackers, pouches, pizza


Sleeping well! He's been doing really great at night and usually spends about a half hour or hour falling back to sleep in our bed with us in the morning.

His morning nap is always great - afternoon nap the time can depend based on whatever we're doing - starting to consider working on just the one nap soon!

Playing - lots of it.  He really is starting to more understand his toys and actually play -- putting the ball into the hole, putting blocks into the spot on his train, hammering on his tool bench, etc.

Loves stealing the dishtowels that I have hanging on the stove and dishwasher when he's either walking or riding in his walker. 

Has fun opening and shutting doors or flaps.

He loves waving hi and goodbye.


Climbing up the steps, Playing outside in the fall weather, taking a few steps, holding his rubber ducks, riding in the shopping cart, laughing.

We've been letting him run outside in his walker this month now that it's not as hot and he seems to love that -- just him and plenty of space to go!

We just started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he loves it -- also likes to hold Mommy's phone on his own now to watch.

Not too much at the moment.  Doesn't like being hungry, if you don't feed him fast enough and sometimes getting his diaper changed when he's tired, throws a little hissy fit if he doesn't like what's going on.


Took his first steps on September 20th!  Mom and Dad were both in the playroom watching him.  Ten days later on the 30th he started doing it repeatedly and much more but with help getting started from on of us or holding on to something to start. By the next week on October 7th he picked up more speed and could last longer with his walking before falling.  It just so happened all the walking milestones happened on Sundays. 

He can stand back up if he falls down - originally he'd need to climb up something for help.

Got measured for his first pair of real shoes... and started finally wearing them.

He seems to understand and stop when you say "NO!"


He had a stay in New Jersey for his aunt's wedding and the same weekend continued on up to Penn State for the Ohio State game - he watched from home with Lovie while everyone else went to the game.

He's mad a couple trips to pumpkin patches to get fall decorations. 

He went to his second Penn State game of the season - he does pretty well traveling in the car, usually with about less than an hour left he likes Mom to get in the backseat with him.

He had a little cold and cough for a few days this month but I guess we'll get used to that as we head into the colder months.

He crawls so fast now it's hard to keep up! He also is super speedy at climbing up the steps.

He loves to be holding a toy in one or both hands.

Twelve Month Favorites:
Lil crunchies, Yogurt pouches, Bath toys, camelbak water bottle & other sippy cups, 4moms highchair, ikea plates and bowls...


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Can't believe it's already been a year!

  2. ahh happy birthday Tatum! first steps and all. he's just the cutest thing ever. and I mean, I get cranky too when I'm hungry lol
    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Can't believe it's been a year already! Happy Birthday to Tatum!

  4. I cannot believe that he's a year old. Time surely flies! Happy happy birthday to your sweet baby! I've enjoyed watching him grow these last 12 months. <3

  5. I can only imagine what a great year it has been! Happy birthday Tatum!

  6. Happy happy birthday Tatum! It's seriously so hard to believe that he's already a year old and walking too! I seriously felt like it happened so suddenly because all of a sudden I started seeing pictures of him walking! And I don't like being hungry either, so I can't blame him for getting upset when he can't get fed fast enough.

  7. Happy 1st birthday to Tatum! He's so adorable. I remember reading your posts from when he was born. Time flies.