Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Weekend at the Lake

We had a good weekend at the lake - our last weekend of the summer!  We'll probably try to do an overnight or two in September but with some cooler temperatures and plenty of sun we had a good time.

The water was very low on Friday when we got there so we just set up some chairs on the lower ground for a bit before going up to start happy hour on the porch.  Since it was just Derek and I we ordered pizza and salads and got into an intense game of uno while we waited.  We had some other family stop over for drinks after dinner.

Saturday we went for a family walk then Derek and I each relaxed during Tatum's morning nap - the weather on the porch was perfect and I loved having the time to read out there.  After lunch we packed up and went over to my uncle's dock to spend the afternoon.

The highlight of the day was Tatum's very first boat cruise!  His life jacket came in recently so he was ready to go and even got treated to my cousin driving him for the ride!  He took a nice nap while we relaxed on the boat.

We had a booze cruise on the party barge in the early evening with 8 family members and 2 dogs. After our cruise we made DIY tacos for dinner and had an even bigger round of uno.


  1. I hate that lake season is coming to an end!! Glad y'all had a great time with family!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. That first picture of Tatum snoozing on the boat is just soooo cute! Sounds like another picture perfect weekend at the lake. Love that you and Derek played cards - reminds me to do that more often in the evenings - sometimes a break from TV is good. :)