Friday, August 31, 2018

This & That

Happy Friday!  Can you believe this is the last weekend of the summer?? Tatum and I have had so much fun with pool days the past few months.  A couple weeks ago we were planning to go to the Phillies/Mets game for Tatum's first baseball game.  

A week before my dad unfortunately broke his hip in an accident and while he was walking with a walker well at that time - the game would have been too much so we had a viewing party at my parents house instead with hotdogs, chili, and game day food. 

It's been super hot around here lately - we had a happy hour with neighbors but resorted to inside to keep cool but enjoyed apps, drinks and a good time.

We've been having fun trying table food with Tatum - he had his first piece of cheese at the deli counter, mandarin oranges, pasta, etc.

My parents have pretty much been hanging out at home so we took over dinner this week - salad, chicken spaghetti and garlic bread.  We all had the best time hanging out!  Poppy is walking all around with his cane and Tatum thinks the cane is a toy!

With the final few days of summer coming up, we've been getting in as much pool time as possible. Afternoon pool time usually leads to diaper naps which Tatum loves - we always joke about what he'll do in the fall when he has to wear clothes all the time.


  1. I always love your happy hour apps! You're so great at entertaining!! And so sweet of you to take dinner over to your parents!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Y'all are seriously the best entertainers! I hope your Dad gets to feeling better so soon!

  3. So glad to hear that your dad is doing well! And how precious is that picture of him and tatum with their walkers. :) I see Derek got his little Mets nod in there with Tatum's hat to go with his phillies outfit! Hope you have the best weekend!

  4. Your poor sweet dad!! I hope he heals quickly!

  5. Happy hour with your neighbors is such a fun idea!! Makes me wish we knew more of our neighbors / had neighbors closer to our age!!