Friday, August 24, 2018

This & That

The night before we left for Napa we stayed at my parents, had dinner, got him settled, put him to bed and then just slept over too since we were leaving early in the morning.  It was so fun to be home again and a little easier to say goodbye since he wasn't even up when we left.

I loved getting (many) daily text messages from my parents with what Tatum was up to - he always looked like he was having so much fun and getting so much attention! 

Stella was so happy when we were back, her and Tatum have really become buddies and usually stay close.  He loves to follow her around and we're working on learning how to "pet nice" for when he's walking and on the go by himself soon.

We had a wine tasting with friends a couple weeks ago at a local spot - it was such a fun idea for a different night out - the guys had whiskey and the girls had wine then we all went out for dinner afterwards.

Trying to get in all of our pool days while we can.  Yesterday marked the start of a bunch of dry, sunny, not too hot days for us so you can guess our plans for the majority of the next week while the pool is still open.

Love sleep stalking my little guy - I'm excited for fall but a little sad that soon he can't wear only a diaper anymore - he's so happy like that! 


  1. Those pictures from your parents are too cute! I am sure getting those helped you relax even more on your vacation!

  2. Your mom's text was so cute! Love how she updates you and sends you pictures. So sweet!

  3. I'm sure you were able to truly relax knowing Tatum was being loved on by your parents! So sweet how they sent y'all fun updates!