Thursday, August 23, 2018

Napa Valley: Part Three

For our last full day in Napa we had two tours and then a tasting planned on our own.  Like the day before we had a leisurely morning before the tastings usually start which is 10am.  Our fist was Del Dotto which is basically a cave - this would be great for a hotter day because it's nice and cool.

We tasted a bunch of wines - reds - so at the end the gave me a second rose and a white to try.  All the wines you taste walking along are straight from the barrel.  At the end of the tour they bring you back out into the gorgeous lobby for some snacks and the final wines.

Our second tour was at noon so we went over right after the first - we went to Cakebread.  When Derek and I were dating a bottle of Cakebread chardonnay was one of the first we shared out on a date at dinner.  For this tour we toured around the property outside and had the first wines then we went into where the barrels were stored and finished with reds inside.

Our final stop was at V. Sattui Winery - one we'd went to years ago - we'd remember it being a gorgeous property and fun tasting so we wanted to go back.  They have a large tasting menu of both reds/whites and you get to pick the five you want.  There's also a little market with trinkets and a deli so we grabbed lunch to eat outside there too.

We were able to enjoy a bit of pool time before getting freshened up for dinner.  This was probably our favorite dinner - at Bistro Jeanty and it was also within easy walking distance of the hotel so that was a plus!  We sat next to the owner of Chappllet and definitely want to visit that winery next time. It was right to bed after dinner (and packing up our wine to fly home!) because our flight was early the next morning.


  1. Y'all had a wonderful trip out to Napa Valley! The wineries, the food, and the weather all look like they were perfect on your trip.

  2. This whole trip sounds awesome. I love that you went to a winery with wine from your first days of dating - so special!

  3. Such a heavenly trip, and wine straight from the barrel? YES please <3
    Green Fashionista