Monday, August 27, 2018

Nine & Ten Month Favorites

Happy Monday! Almost two weeks ago Tatum was ten months old and this is a mix of 9 & 10 month favorites.  Each week almost he's into something new and every day is different - it's such a fun age!  I can't even believe that within a few weeks I'll work on planning his first birthday party.  Today I'm saying a few favorites from the past two months... 

Obsessed! Puffs usually come at the end of his meal.  If you shake the bottle of them his face lights up - he's proud and has so much fun picking them up and feeding himself.

We got both of these for the lake and they are awesome - inexpensive but what we need for bedtime.  The portable sound machine is so small for travel but does the trick just the same as the one he has at home.  The audio monitor is really all we need and so much less expensive than a real monitor.

I've mentioned before but Tatum hated baby food and being spoon fed at first - now that he likes it, meal time is fun and he loves his spoons.

I would say this is definitely the favorite toy of the summer!  My brother got him this for Christmas and we finally thought he was old enough to play so we unpackaged it to play - everyday he sits and plays with his animals, the flap on the arc and loves them so.

This is the best walker ever.  I'd recommend this for anyone with a baby ready to walk or that is struggling with walking - it's so stable that it really keeps them upright and going - he'll walk all over with this.

I'll go ahead and say this might have been the best thing I ever bought - I wish I knew about it sooner!  He will stand and play for a long time - if we're at the pool, on the dock, on a deck, at a friends house, etc.  It is the BEST item - we've only had it about a week and have used it so much already.


  1. My boys *still* play with the Noah’s Ark set! My mom even kept my sister’s from when she was little and they love to play it at their house, too. (And the old one came with SO many animals! I wish it still did!) And yesssss to the sound machine. We don’t leave home without one for each boy.

  2. I saw you guys using that go pod this past weekend and it looks so cool! We haven't really used the sound machine too much yet, but probably should start LOL! xo, Biana