Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

17 Days! I can't believe we're in the "teens" of the countdown.. We're really in the home stretch now
These next couple weeks are like the weeks leading up to Christmas filled with a busy schedule and endless to do lists.  Most importantly, we are filled with SO much excitement and love hearing how excited and supportive our family and friends are.
With Labor Day Weekend the weekend before our wedding - we're really trying to have most things done by then so we can really enjoy that last week (plus! it's a short week - everyone should get married the weekend after a holiday - having that extra Monday together at home to get things done is awesome).
In the past week we've either met with or talked to every vendor!  Final decisions are being made and pretty much every day there has been an appointment! Photographer, Florist, Hotel {Wedding Coordinator, Reservations, Post Party Staff, Day of Staff}, Photo Booth, Bakery, Hair & Makeup, the Church, We've talked to everyone all in the past week - it feels great to tie up loose ends and be very close to this special day! 
Xo C

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