Monday, August 4, 2014

August To Do List

On one hand, I feel like we have so much on our calendars and on the other hand I feel like we don't!  We have a billion little errands and details and things to get done but not too many "bigger" things coming up this month..
We've got two weddings to go to this month and I'm so excited!! I LOVE weddings!! Derek is a groomsman in one in North Jersey later this week and we have a second one on Long Island later in the month.  Having these "getaways" also force us to take a break and relax :)

 Date Night in the City:
We've been talking for a long time how we should have a night out in the city - Last month we couldn't make a night work so one Saturday that Derek was working, I went in, saw his office and had lunch but now we're making sure to do a happy hour and nice dinner out - there's about a billion other things we probably should be getting done, but we're giving ourselves a break!
Free Weekends:
We have two free weekends before the wedding (and basically before October 11th if you include honeymoon and that we're busy the two after we get back also) and by free I only mean home and in town (talk about going into a panic when realizing that!)
One weekend is purely dedicated to the house, deliveries, errands, setting up and things like that.  The other weekend is purely dedicated to wedding, putting together welcome bags, organizing, finalizing, little details and things like that.
 Honeymoon Packing:
I can't believe it's already time to pack soon!  Packing for two weeks is a little overwhelming (I can just imagine myself sitting on the suitcase as Derek tries to zip it) so I'm carefully taking time on one of our "free weekends" to pack the majority of the stuff well in advance and not have to worry about it other than throwing in some little things the night before.
 Last Minute Wedding Planning:
If something's not planned our ready by September 1st then it's not happening!! We plan on enjoying that week and cruising into the wedding - We've got the month pretty evenly planned out so that everything should be done early.
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