Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Meet the Maids

Here's a look at the bridesmaids...
Sam, Maid of Honor
I met Sam on the first day of school freshman year, she was there the day Derek and I met, she held Derek's phone number for me in her phone when I didn't want it but didn't not want it and has been there for our entire journey!  We hit it off over both being scared to give speeches in our public speaking class and both being homesick and were inseparable ever since! Sam got me through college, even teaching me how to boil water!  We travel together, we text as we watch reality TV and even though we live in different states, we see each other all the time.
Lindsay and I have been friends since as long as I can remember - probably two years old since there's photos of us together at my third birthday party.  Lindsay lives two houses up and we used to play together all day every. single. day.  Now we've traded in our playing for walking and take walks together throughout our development and go on double dates out to dinner with our boys.
Kortne and I met in the second grade and have been friends ever since.  We grew up taking dance classes together, playing field hockey together, traveling for weekends away and much more.  We both share a love of monograms, bright colors and fun jewelry.
Sarah and I met in college and she's one of my sorority sisters!  She lives on City Island in New York and keeps our group on track whether it's giving us reminders or taking the lead.  I like bright colors, she likes dark colors, I like the south, she likes the north, but they say opposites attract and we're still besties.
Another friend from school and sorority sister - we are so alike!  Bianca's from a cute town in Maryland and now lives in Arlington, VA (and we loveeee visiting) - We literally love everything the same, clothes, food, chunky necklaces, southern traits, Lilly Pulitzer, the list could go on an on.  She's also hysterical - you'll see at the wedding.

Another friend from school - she wasn't in the sorority but she lived in the house and was basically an honorary sister and came to all our parties and stuff.  We always used to wake up early to snack at school while everyone was still sleeping and even fought over a taco in front of the fridge.  When we get together (with Sarah and Bianca) too there are always non. stop. laughs. always.  Ash met her boo at JWU too.
These girls will all be stunning at the wedding.  But hopefully not quite as show stopping as Pippa...
On that note - we're singing the same hymn at our wedding as a lot of the royals use for theirs.
Xo C

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