Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: July Wedding Planning Review

First Thing's First..
Just one month until we say "I Do" - I can't believe this wedding planning process and our engagement is almost over but I am SO excited to be married and a Mrs.  We've had the best year planning but I'm so looking forward to celebrating on our wedding day and then coming home from our honeymoon to married life as a wife!

One Month to Go
Not too much went on this month, we we're mostly in "house mode" and in August we'll cool off on the house and get back into "wedding mode"
This Month We...
- Mom and I went for hair and make up trials and it was a blast
- (I) finalized the Groom's Cake - I'm so bad at surprises I can't wait to be able to show Derek
- Picked and Finalized the Menu
- Gathered Little Items for the Welcome Bags (one of my favorites)
- Ordered Our Wedding Favors
- Finished our Sessions with Nikki, Our Minister: We've had a blast at these, probably more fun then we expected to and we're sad they were over
- Received most of our RSVP's in the mail: We always waited and opened them together and LOVED checking the mailbox each day to see
- Had our bachelor and bachelorette weekends: These were back to back weekends and each of us had a great time on our own weekend and also enjoyed the weekend each other was away for some quiet time to relax
- Began finalizing things with vendors and received our last packet to complete for The Radnor Hotel
- Began working on reception seating
 It's a little crazy how many people for the wedding (and house) call or email me each day that I'll even forget to answer my friend's texts or emails and I'm usually so on the ball
I'm really over the little things - it's to the point where I ask myself do I really need to finish this little detail?  Will anyone notice this?  If something doesn't get finished - nobody was probably going to notice anyway other than me or possibly Mom and Derek so a couple little things we may do without for a little extra bit of sanity.
Some Photos from the Month...
Mom began a countdown on the Pig Chalkboard in the kitchen and we get so excited seeing it decrease each day! (We're down to 30 now!)

My Bachelorette Party!!
Part One: here
Part Two: here
Part Three: here

Derek's Bachelor Party (he had 12 guys go!)
Our First RSVP's!

In just over a month we'll be here too!!
Only one more "Wedding Month Review to go" then lots of actual "Wedding Reviews"...
Xo C

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