Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Month in Review: July

Summer is going by so quickly!  Amidst all the wedding and house craziness we are getting to enjoy summer activities a bit too!  Anything summery we missed out on we'll make up for in the French Polynesia :)
We had a fantastic Fourth of July
 and a great time at the PCC Fourth of July event
 Grandmom came home from the hospital and is doing great!
 A great night at El Gran :) as always

 Some great Dining Under the Stars nights (and one crazy stormy one) at Azzie, Stephen's, Fellini and Margaret Kuo's
 We finally closed on our first house
 We ran many house errands and had many appointments but now are some what up and running.
Some of our movers :)
We made a trip up to NJ to visit and celebrate Ainsley's first birthday at a Luau
 We made many trips over to the new house/construction site
 We had just two Phillies games this month - one Mom, Steve & the boys went to while I was away
 I had a weekend away to celebrate my Bachelorette Party with friends in Charleston!
Xo C


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