Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week was a lot of recovering from my Bachelorette Weekend. Click below if you missed it :)

Another reason for this week being so crazy and busy.. We got our house painted!! Which was really exciting - just not the two trips to the house a day and 6:00am wake ups
 What great timing to be up for a free mani the day before a girls weekend
 Recovery from Charleston
 You know your moving/getting married when you come home to find a note that says "your packageS" are in the dining room and then find this..
 Derek went in late on Monday and I stuck around home so we both went to meet with the painters on their first day and tried out the coffee shop across the street - it's basically our very own central perk!
 Post Bachelorette.. One more month of being a "future" Mrs.
 Just a normal day in the neighborhood driving behind the crane truck
 Some days when your not sure which day it is and don't have a free second to even text your fianc√© - you just need to call off the wedding diet and sit down for some nachos :)
 You go Nash! So proud of the big stick he found

Dining Under the Stars this week was at...
Margaret Kuo's
 The weather was fantastic! A perfect night!
 Poor Nash is going to be heartbroken when Derek moves out - We're going to have to have him over for plenty of visits

Just for Fun
And.. The Bachelorette finished up this week - I'm glad she picked Josh he was my favorite (partly because his brother is a pro football player and that brother is dating one of the Fox Philly News girls) but I'm also glad this season is over

Xo C

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