Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

We had some really cool mornings last week - perfect walk weather
Our second "meal" at the new house together - the first meal I cried about moving away from home, and this time there were no tears!
I got home Sunday night after being at the new house all weekend and Nash darted to the car - happy to see me, a little sad Derek wasn't in the car also
Nothing better than coming home late and dreading putting the laundry away - Mom is THE BEST and I came home to find the laundry nicely folded on my bed.
Grandmom is recovering so well - she was speedy with her walker going down the hallways
We had to go to the hotel to finalize some things and make some changes so we stayed for dinner at the bar & grill and loved it - I see some "stay cations" at the Radnor in our future :)
Nash THRILLED that Derek was back at home
We were cleaning out the bar area in the basement and little Nash got his hands on this chick fil a cow and it hasn't left his side all week - I took it away from him before bed so he didn't try to eat the sign and Derek could hear him crying for a consecutive 10 minutes and gave it back to him
We cleaned out the bar area and had some laughs about what we found (Steve bid on this during a fundraiser with my internship with the iron pigs - it looked smaller on the wall)
Derek had everyone laughing with his comments on photos of a young me
and we even dressed up Nash in Derek's old football jersey (which will apparently be framed in our basement - when I suggested framing my first dance costume everyone looked at me like I was crazy)

My sweet fiancé - carrying all the bags on a last minute wedding trip to KOP (followed of course by Chili's)
I left out a note that said "+wine" to remember to bring wine to dinner one night - Mom thought it said twine (which I didn't know we even had) and laid it out on the counter - When I asked why it was laying there she said well, um your note said you needed it.. we both had a good laugh that morning 
Days later.. Still clutching the cow
On Wednesday the family did Dining Under the Stars without me (at La Belle) and I joined a big group to celebrate Kortne's Birthday at Fellini's
Sam posted this photo of us from freshman year in anticipation of the wedding
I. Can't. Wait.

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