Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites

Less than a month to go!! (well less than a month from today)

During some errands, Mom and I caught some of the first fall items out - we might not have everything for the house but we do have some fall decor.

{Friday Night: Date Night}
On Friday I went into the city and met Derek and some of his work friends for happy hour and then he planned dinner!
 We had a great time at the Capital Grille with no wedding or house talk (for the most part!)
His new city
 Derek and his "man purse"
 Playing around waiting for our train

 {Moving Day: Part Two}
On Saturday we got our furniture delivered! Below is a couple of our last moments without anywhere to sit
 sitting watching and waiting 
 If you look closely Steve's over there in the corner
 Having a great time finally unpacking our shower gifts 
 Celebrating our long day on Saturday night on our deck - we got a great set for our balcony but for this summer we're just going to use it as our deck furniture so we can take our time to find something we really like next year.
Almost Mr. & Mrs.

Saturday we went over to Delaware after church to get a couple house things - we ate outside at Red Robin and felt like we were on a vacation
 The groom hard at work on his planning tasks
 Happy Nash
We had to go back to Delaware to pick up our TV so Derek bribed me into going by offering El Gran for dinner.. I'll never turn down El Gran :) We even found a new froyo place after

Just for Fun…

Bachelor in Paradise started this week and of course I'm hooked
Michelle Money gets more fabulous by the day - I now must create a handshake with Derek after watching hers with Graham.

Ashlee is a mix of crazy and boy crazy but I still love her

Elise was surprisingly likeable unlike on Juan Pablo's season but it's only week one

I don't think I ever heard Daniella speak on Sean's season but I was really liking her before she got sent home

Xo C

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