Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Month in Review: August

We had some great Dining Under the Stars at Ariano and Dos Gringos
 Derek and I had the best time on a date night in the city 
 Our house went from this
... to this and much more
We had our first meal in the house, our first weekend stay, (my) first cry 
 The countdown on the big kept getting smaller and smaller 
 We celebrated some of our best friends' wedding
 Nash guilt tripped us for starting to move our stuff out
 We had a great date night at the Radnor Hotel after a big planning intervention session.
We also had wedding appointments. lots of them. so many of them. like back to back to back.
 We cleaned out some junk in the basement to prepare to move
 We had some "fall like" mornings on our walks 
 Grandmom's recovery is going well and she was cruising down the hall with her walker 
Nash was Puppy of the Week at Day Care - I mean look how happy he is in that little pink pool
We celebrated another one of Derek's friends from Sparta, Mike's, wedding and a weekend in New Jersey

Xo C

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