Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Beginning to Look Like a Home

We've pretty much transitioned from house mode back to wedding mode - other than last Wednesday morning when my morning work out took an hour and a half to finish because my phone kept ringing with house appointments.
Derek changed our kichen nobs and pulls from the horrific ones that came with the house to these nice bronze ones (that took multiple Home Depo trips to collect)

This is a huge accomplishment - we got the house July 7th - this photo was last week - we've had a never ending pile of boxes for recycling and bags for trash and last week we finally finished getting rid of it all - HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR US!
We've got some valances in and last week (part of the "house breakdown" because the morning of installation we found out it was going to be an all day process - we had our blinds installed)

Our handyman is rennevating our closet this week per my diagrams (that I spent hours researching)
We had the fixtures in our master bathroom installed

We got two ceiling fans put in - amazing!
We've planned out our backsplash for the kitchen (again, after many trips to home depo/lowes)

We've got a few boxes sitting around (mostly for the wedding) but for the most part things are hidden in our storage room or closets until after the wedding :)
We've got a few slight decorative touches in - we'll really work on it in the fall
Our "sold" sign in front of the house has officially been replaced 
Also in the past month and a half...
  • We've had cable installed
  • We've had the house painted (most rooms) - big project!
  • Derek has pretty much moved all his stuff in - as of last week
  • We've had the light fixtures and doorknobs switched out
  • We've eaten two dinner's together there (I may have cried at one)
  • The garage is organized - finally!
Much more to come after the wedding...
Xo C

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