Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Popping the Question to the Flower Girl & Ring Bearers

Simliar to the bridesmaids, we asked our Flower Girl & Ring Bearers to be part of our wedding in a special way.
 We asked Derek's niece and nephew at Thanksgiving since we would all be together at that time.
 Flower Girl teddy bear and note asking her to be in our wedding.
 Ring Bearer bear and note asking him to be in our wedding.
We put the teddy bears in a bag with some Christmas crafts (the $1 section at target is addicting) and put their poem in an envelope on the bag.

We ordered the teddy bears from this Etsy site. 
The poems I designed myself on the computer; the wording in the poems I took from Pinterest :)
I think they liked them!

My cousin, Nick, is a little bit older, so we tried to think of something he'd enjoy more than a teddy bear.  We asked Nick on Christmas since my whole family was together then. 
 I created Nick's poem on the computer too.
 We went with a "pop" theme since Derek "popped the question to me" Now it was our turn to "pop the question to Nick"
 We found this fun popcorn kit in Target while we were out Christmas shopping.  You can pop your own popcorn and then add all different kinds of flavoring (and this would be great to counteract all the sweets we were planning on putting in)
Ring pops and gummy ring pops (they must be new).  We originally planned on having him open a box filled with a ton of ring pops -- but mom suggested to maybe not go too overboard on sweets for a six year old so we just got three bags. 
I think he liked his gift too and that all three kids are excited to be in the wedding . . .

& I'm excited to have three cute Flower Girl/Ring Bearer(s) and have them be part of our special day!

Xo C


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  2. hi :) Where did you get those flower girl teddies from?

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