Thursday, January 16, 2014

Traveling Thursday: "Catching Up" Nashville Trip 2013

I want for my trips from 2013 to be part of my blog book so for the next couple Thursdays I'll be "catching up" on the travels of 2013…

In February, Sam, Gianna and I made a girls trip to Nashville and had a blast!  

Day 1: 
Despite Winter Storm "Nemo" we made our way to Nashville!  We went adventuring around around downtown stopping in a couple restaurants and bars and peeking in a couple stores. 
We headed over to the Opryland Hotel for dinner at Jack Dainels, drinks at Findley's Irish Pub, Delta River Boat Tours and exploring before our night at the Grand Ole Opry 
We had been up worried about travel since about 3am so we were pretty tired during the show.  We did see Striking Matches (they wrote "When the Right One Comes Along" for Nashville) and Kellie Pickler, in her red high heels! 
Our hotel was great, it was right on Printer's Alley, but the double beds were a tad small, when Sam was in the shower, Gianna and I took it upon ourselves to call down for a cot (since we were there for three nights we'd each get a night on the cot and since Sam was in the shower, we nominated her for night one that night)

Day Two:
We slept in (since Nashville was an hour behind we had no trouble getting up) and went right to the Ryman Auditorium for our tour.  We were able to walk here (as well as all the places we went to in the downtown area).  
It was such a nice day -- we could get away with wearing no coats, in February!! So we took some pictures on Broadway on the way to lunch. 
We ate lunch at Tequila Cowboy and LOVED it -- a mix of mexican food and country music, what's not to love?! 
Walking back to the hotel we stumbled upon a little bar, "Double Shotz"and got lured in by the $5 for a double shot promotion. We each had two. 
We got picked up for a star's home tour from the hotel and were amazed that you could buy beer at the gas station -- Gianna and I enjoyed our beverages on the tour bus.  We got to see the homes of: Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Deirks Bently, Martina McBride, Kings of Leon, Kellie Pickler, Reese Witherspoon's childhood home and more. 
There was horse and carriages lined up on Broadway so we took a ride around downtown before dinner at the Wildhorse Saloon. 
Tonight was our bar hopping night so we met up with our unofficial tour guide Lex
and bounced between the Stage, Layla's Bluegrass Inn and Paradise Park.  Tonight was my night on the cot :-)

Day Three: 
Lex took us out to see some spots away from downtown Nashville.  This is at Ivey Cake, the bakery where Carrie Underwood had her wedding cupcakes made (When we went to Nashville to pick up Nash, we stopped here and the cupcakes were just as good as I had remembered).
Lex also drove us by Carrie Underwood's house because they are neighbors! 
We went to see the Blue Bird Cafe but just missed the cut off to get in. 
We adventured around downtown and wound up at the Spaghetti Factory (delicious meal) for dinner.  Next, we went to Honkey Tonk Central, the only bar we didn't make it to the night before -- there was a great live band there (and most bars in Nashville)

Day Four:
Today our plan was to do some shopping down town (we hit just about every store on 2nd Avenue and Broadway and ended up with a ton of stuff to bring home!). We did lunch at Jack's BBQ (another spot from Nashville) and another great "soul food meal." 
We did a little more sight-seeing as we were out.
While we were wandering around the bars killing time, we stated getting emails that my flight was continuously getting delayed (above: Gianna and Sam's flight started getting delayed too and I was glad that I was not alone).  

Just before we were suppose to go to the airport, I got a call that my flight was cancelled!  I road to the airport with Sam and Gianna to see for myself and it was in deed cancelled.  
They barely made it out of town and I headed off to a hotel near the airport for a great pizza, the Bachelor and some wine.

I made it home safely the next day :)

Xo C

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