Monday, January 13, 2014

My New Roommate

Last Wednesday, Derek & I put our long distance relationship to an end and he moved into our house in Media right down the hall from me!
By the time I got home from work on Wednesday, he had already made the room his own and everything felt normal! 
We found out about Derek's new job just before my birthday and the holidays so Wednesday night we had a "Welcome to PA/Congrats on the new job" dinner at Mile High Steakhouse -- two of our friends had recommended it a while ago and we'd been waiting for a chance to go.  All the food was delicious. 
Throughout Derek's week off I got plenty of photo messages of how happy Nash was to have Derek around. 
Nash still pays attention to us "little" people but some days he can be found like this waiting for Derek outside his door in the morning. 
We can do stupid little everyday activities that normal couples take advantage of but are fun to us; we don't have to spend our weekends spending every second together since we'll see each other during the week now too! I kept reminding Derek this weekend that everything we did was "how normal people live." 
This morning I dropped him off at the train for his first day of work with The Hub as the General Manager of their Cira Centre location!  He's adjusted perfectly to life in PA and will continue to live with us in Media until our townhouse in Newtown Square is finished being built (probably the end of April) and then he'll move over there, we'll spend the summer setting it up and I'll join him in living over there after the wedding!

Xo C

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