Thursday, January 2, 2014


I can't believe January is here, that it's a new year AND the year that Derek & I will get married is here.

Things I'm looking forward to this month:

Derek's move to Pennsylvania!  I can't believe it, I've waited so long for this and it just over a week we will FINALLY be living in the same spot!  I wasn't happy about having to clean out my second room to make space for Derek but I am super excited to have him here.  Life (& wedding planning) will be SO much easier -- I'll be happy to be off of the NJ/PA Turnpikes for a while.
Down Time!! After this weekend I couldn't be happier to throw my suitcase in the attic and leave it there for a while; I'm more than ready for a break from packing a bag, booking train tickets and driving on the turnpike.  There's nothing on the calendar for a few weeks (for the first time in a while) and I'm ready to enjoy some downtime at home.
Juan-u-ary: The Bachelor will be back on next week and it makes the boring, cold January nights a little more fun.  With double episodes all through January, there's lots of Bachelor to look forward to (a huge guilty pleasure for a lot of my friends and I)  In addition to The Bachelor, most of the other shows that have been on a break for the holiday will be returning soon (which is good since I'm out of Christmas movies to watch).
Steve is going on a mission trip to Africa with our church: It'll be weird having Steve gone for a little over a week but I'm really excited for him to get back and hear about the trip and see pictures (I already offered up my camera complete with it's vera bradley case).
Wedding Planning: We took a break from all things wedding during the month of December to focus on enjoying the holiday season as an engaged couple and it was great but I have started to miss planning so I'm excited to dig my wedding planning binder(s) back out. 
Wedding Trade Shows: I think there are some wedding trade shows coming up in Philly in the next month or so; which is perfect timing since a lot of key decisions will be being made in the up coming months -- I have a bridesmaid ready to go so it should be a fun girls day out!

Xo C

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