Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Break

A couple fun/memorable photos from Christmas Break . . .

Teaching Kortne how to wand her hair before Christmas Eve Breakfast 

Derek loving his new man cave pillow

I had a couple things I had to do at the office so the day started off with "bring your fiancé to work day"
Buxton Family Christmas Dinner 

Nash had to tag along to drop us off; Casey and I at Quotations 
We switched our title of "Cousin Bar Crawl" to "Cousins Night Out" since we figured as we grow up we might not want to "crawl" to every bar.  We just did Quotations and Iron Hill for this year. 
Ryan, Davey, Casey, Jake in the back and Derek and I in the front

No different than any other week, we took a walk each day over break but this time we had an added guest -- Davey.  And Nash found one of the biggest sticks, ever! 
After a family dinner with just the five of us we all gathered in the family room to have a movie night and watch Christmas Vacation together (and some of the bowl pool games).

I spent most of Sunday cleaning out the drawers and closet in Derek's new room


Other than 3/4 day at work on Monday I have nothing to show for these days because I did, absolutely nothing.  It was so relaxing to be super lazy and watch TV in my pajamas for most of the day.


Derek had to work New Years Eve/Day mornings so I was geared up to have a quiet night in watching the TV specials but mom talked me into going to a family party with them at the last minute and I'm glad it did! 

I was planning on meeting up with Lindsay for the ball drop in Media at midnight but at the last minute we decided to stay home so I grabbed out some party hats we happened to have in the basement and we watched the ball drop in NY on TV.

Nash was of course happy we were home to celebrate midnight with him too.  Mom and Steve went to Media with the adults from the party, Davey was at a new party with the other kids from the party and Nash and I were able to watch some fireworks on the deck.

Xo C

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