Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Organization: Jewelry

I've learned so many great tips on all sorts of things on Pinterest so I figure if I can help someone else out, why not!!  With Derek moving in last week, I had to empty out my "accessories" closet to make room for him which meant -- finding a new space for my jewelry.

I used to keep my necklaces on tie racks which was a GREAT way to organize them!  A tie rack gives a good amount of space between each necklace so they don't get tangled up and the rack spins giving an easy glance at what your options are!  The only down side is they take up a good amount of space on a closet bar (which is why I needed to come up with a new option).

The tie rack that I use can be found here for $9.99 or in any men's accessories section.

Since I needed to do something with a little more space.. 

These fit perfectly anywhere you had a flat surface.  Luckily I don't keep anything on top of my chest of drawers so that was the perfect spot.  

This organizer can be found here for $29.99

Xo C

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