Monday, January 20, 2014

Cookie Dough Balls

These are the BEST desert.  I've made them a couple times and they are always a hit.  One time I even tried to cut the recipe in fourths just so I could have "a couple bites."  These taste just as good, or even better, than real cookie dough.
Time to Make: 20 minutes
Ready in: one hour

Recipe makes two dozen balls

1 cup salted butter, softened 
1 1/2 cups packed light brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
2 cups flour 
6 ounces miniature chocolate chips
1. Cream butter and sugar together
2. Add remaining ingredients and mix well -- use your hands to get it together the best 
3. Roll into 1-inch balls
4. Refrigerate until firm (about 30 minutes)

Let stand at 10 minutes room temperature before serving.

Store in the refrigerator.

You can easily cut the recipe in half if you need/want less than the recipe calls for. 
I'm currently thinking of the next excuse I can use to make these.

Xo C

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