Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Happy New Year's Eve! I can't believe 2013 is already over -- I feel like it just began!  This year had many ups and downs but life's better when you're positive so I only focus on the ups!

Sam, Gianna & I had so much fun on our long weekend away to Nashville!  I'll do a "catching up post" later on with all the details of our fun trip (as well as the other 2013 trips).
Nights out with some of my favorite girls

Derek & I went on a whirlwind 10 day trip to Florida stopping in Fort Myers to see Grandma, Orlando to do Disney with Ryan and Palm Beach for a free stay from Derek's hotel at the Breakers.  
At the end of March on Easter Weekendwas my first trip to the Sotherden Family Farm 
(and home in time for Easter in Media)
We headed up to Penn State for the Annual Blue/White Game 
Then there was getting my wisdom teeth out.. and the three month recovery
We kicked off summer on Memorial Day with a booze cruise around NYC
The start of "Dining Under the Stars" in Media and Wednesday dinners for the Buxton family until the end of September 
Steve, Davey, Derek & I went to the US Open 
I made a trip down to DC to visit my besties from college
Derek and I had a little "stay-cation" in NYC
Carly's Graduation Party Weekend

Sam made a visit down to Media and we celebrated Fourth of July with a party at the house and then went up to the lake house for the weekend 
We cruised to the Bahamas for the weekend

A wedding & weekend in Syracuse 
Headed up to Ludlow for Audra's baby shower with a bunch of sorority sisters 
Went ring shopping in NYC with Sam
We finished up the summer with Labor Day weekend at the Lake House 

First Penn State game of the year and Steve being recognized on the field
A visit with some sorority sisters in DC 
Went out west for a  trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley
While in San Francisco we found out that we had been approved for a townhouse in a new community being built in Newtown Square -- we look forward to making this house our home in 2014
I finished a project that I'd been working on all summer -- getting my certification in Wedding & Event Planning.  This is coming in handy now and after my own wedding I hope to do some weddings and events on the side
Mom and I decided to pop into Plush Mills one morning on the way to work and so glad we did -- we found Grandma Dot in a fashion show 
The highlight of October and all of 2013 -- Derek asking me to marry him on Friday, October 11th in State College.  We spent the whole weekend celebrating with family and watched Penn State defeat Michigan in four overtimes 

We went to Dallas for a quick weekend trip to celebrate Derek's 28th birthday and see the cowboys game (and the cheerleaders) 
I said "YES to the Dress" and had a great time looking for the perfect one with mom
I got to celebrate Thanksgiving in PA &  NJ

This month we made the decision to take a break from all house/wedding planning -- and it was a GREAT idea.  We really got to enjoy our engaged holiday season!  December was filled with lots of Christmas Activities and… 
A visit from some of my best friends
A weekend in New York City
Christmas Morning & Other Activities
Christmas Break was filled with lots of relaxation, doing "nothing" and family time.

Looking forward to all thats to come in 2014

Xo C

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