Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Ornament Decor

Yesterday during the pop up snow storm, since I was home alone I decided to get a little crafty.  I made a simple ornament centerpiece or décor piece -- it can really be set up anywhere in the house to add a little extra holiday touch! 
Since it was snowing -- I just used things from my craft box!  I have gotten the plastic ball ornaments over the weekend at Michael's (for $1 or less each!) as well as the little red, green & white balls in two of the ornaments -- those ornaments were the easiest to make, I simply stuffed the Christmas balls into the ornament, put the top back on and was done!
For the ornaments with the curly ribbons...

I curled the ribbons just as I would to tie onto a present, cut them into smaller pieces, then placed them inside the ornament.. Super Easy!
For the red ribbon ornament..
I curled strands of the ribbon around my finder and inserted it into the ornament -- after I few strands of ribbon, I shook the ornament around and was done!
For the last ornament, the white ornament I just cut some Christmas ribbon into smaller pieces, put them inside the ornament, and just like the red ribbon ornament, shook the pieces around and that was it!
Here is the finished product!  It can be used a holiday centerpiece or a decoration around the house!


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