Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Chocolate Pretzels

These little pretzels are simple to make and they taste spectacular!  This was my third year of making them.
- mini pretzels (the checkered ones I used work the best)
- Hershey kisses
- holiday m&m's
- heat oven to 275 degrees
- bake pretzels with Hershey kiss for 3 minutes
- press a single m&m into the center of the Hershey kiss
- place in a cold area to cool
Begin with unwrapping the Hershey kisses so you have them all ready to go.  I always forget to allow extra time for this step -- it might help if you do it while watching TV
Next, lay all the pretzels out on a cookie sheet and plop a Hershey kiss on top of them.  I like to get all my trays set up before I put any in the oven.
After the three minutes is up in the oven, pull out the tray and put the m&m on.  I'd recommend not putting a new tray in the oven until you're almost done with your m&m's -- three minutes goes by quicker than you think.
Let them cool -- In the winter you can cool them a lot quicker than you can in the summer.  Just place the trays in the garage or in your basement.  In the summer place them in the refrigerator if you have enough free room.
 Package them up and they make a great little gift.  Be careful though - they are addicting!

Xo C

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