Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Christmas Ornament Making

We're stuck inside today during the snow.. So that means more Christmas ornament making!  Long distance relationships are tough, but they sure do make for some great crafting ideas..  My newest creation is "long distance Christmas ornaments."  Really anyone can make these -- you can make one for your hometown, where you went to college, places you traveled, favorite cities, where you met your love, etc.

I made one ornament for Media, PA and one ornament for Sparta, NJ.  One the back of each ornament is a map of Media to Sparta.  Derek and I have traveled thousands of miles up and down the turnpike and since we'll have our own tree next year these little ornaments will be a memory of our travels (not that we'll ever forget the countless hours we spent traveling to see each other).

These ornaments are SO simple!  I got two little stars from Michaels for about a $1 (the ornament doesn't have to be a star -- any flat ornament will do) and printed out the maps from google.

I put the star over the map and traced around it to get the correct shape -- I placed the star in a spot to get the most surrounding towns in the cut out.  When I was tracing the Sparta star -- I had it nicely centered and then I noticed my bestie Sam's town to the side so I slid the star over to get Whippany in too!

On the back of each ornament I placed a map of the route from Media to Sparta and I was finished.  Total craft time took about ten minutes!!

Xo C


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