Monday, December 2, 2013

December To Do List

Not only is it my birthday and Jesus' birthday but it's my favorite month of the year.  This year will without a doubt be my longest bucket list out of the entire year!  I love packing every Christmas activity possible into my schedule.
I've been looking forward to the Macy's Family & Friends Sale since fall started.  Last year I got a ton of my Christmas shopping done at the sale and plane on doing the same this year!

Longwood Gardens has such pretty Christmas displays and I've really wanted to go the past couple years but there hasn't been time.  This year, I'm making it a priority to go!
Christmas Movies, lots of them!  I want to have time to watch all my favorite movies and most of the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Lineup.
Derek has another "MOD" (Manager on Duty) weekend coming up at the Lowell in mid-December.  His last MOD weekend was by far the most relaxing weekend we've had all year since he can't leave the hotel!  I can't wait to see the pretty decorations they put up and maybe brave the cold for a little shopping, maybe!  (I need to stock up on my scarves from the street vendors)
Between going to college in a different state, completing an internship in a different city and maintaining a long distance relationship, I haven't been home for the weekend of the Church Christmas Pageant in years!! It's one of my favorite services of the year and I'm taking a train home from New York at 6:00am to make sure to be there.
I've always wanted to have a cookie exchange and this year, I'm doing it!  Instead of a birthday party this year, I'm going to have a Christmas Dinner & Cookie Exchange with my girlfriends.
My quarter of a century birthday, I'll be 25!  I'll look forward to celebrating in PA and NY since Derek's holiday party is the same night!
Seeing the Rockettes; I haven't seen them since I was three years old and I'm so looking forward to seeing them this year!
My favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve!! This will be the Fourth Annual Christmas Eve Breakfast with my friends.  We started the tradition when we were in college and it's fun to keep continuing it.
I turn into such a child on Christmas morning; I can't wait to see what Santa brings this year!  This is an "on" year for the Buxton's so it's a bigger Christmas gathering than some years.  Even though we see each other a lot, family time on holidays is extra special!

Xo C

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