Wednesday, December 12, 2018

This & That

I was so happy to get our Christmas cards out early this year - in past years I felt like I was always rushing and now I love checking our mailbox each day to see what we get!

We made our family's "Christmas Cheer" drink a little over a week ago - Tatum got in on the fun and enjoyed playing with the fruit.

One weeknight last week we took Tatum to the Christmas Lights event at the zoo - it was fun to try for one time but I think we'll skip it next year.

We've been enjoying some quiet nights in with the tree lights on, watching Christmas movies, having downtime, etc. before the schedules really start to get busy this weekend until Christmas.

We always love "Lovie Days" when Lovie watches Tatum but I think we all enjoy them even more during this busy season!  I get to get things done and the two of them play with some Christmas stuff.

After a few online orders today I think I'll have finished up my Christmas shopping other than a quick stop for some stocking stuffers but I think (and hope) we're done with the mall... now on to wrapping! Tatum and I had a big shopping day last week and Derek stopped to meet us for lunch.

This is something that happens just about every night before and after dinner - Tatum thinks it's so fun/funny to steal Stella's reindeer, then she'll steal it back and so on.  It was $4.99 and Homegoods and I'm off to look for a second one, ha!

13 more sleeps until Christmas... 


  1. 13 more sleeps...ahhh it's coming so quickly! Your home seems so cozy at night - definitely can see enjoying a glass of wine in the front room!

  2. This is my favorite time of year to stay home and relax. The lights, the coziness, and of course the festive drinks <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Thank you for your Christmas card! I loved it and the envelope was precious. I can't believe we only have 13 more sleeps until Christmas. My gosh, that came so fast!

  4. I loved the video of Tatum stealing her reindeer...too funny!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Love that cup! What is in this christmas drink?