Thursday, December 6, 2018

Meeting Santa & Other Things

I think it's beginning to be a new tradition for us to do our official Santa visit on the Friday after Thanksgiving - there isn't a line, the mall is quiet for shopping and we all have fun having lunch afterwards.  It was much more fun this year than last year - Tatum slept through it all last year so it was super fast.

This year he was not into it at first - as we all danced around and played music we at least got a straight face instead of crying. 

After Tatum fought his way through his Santa visit they recommended we jumped in in the hopes of a smile, a smile we didn't get but a fun family photo we did!  The photographer then told Lovie, Poppy and Uncle Davey to jump in and it was a great unexpected family shot!

While Tatum didn't love Santa, he loved the reindeer hat he was given.  He wan all over playing in his hat while we waited for the pictures.  Once we were done we all went out to an early lunch then had a family Christmas shopping day.

We meant to decorate our tree the day we got it but we ended up doing it about five days later - the three of us went out to dinner and did a couple ornaments with Tatum then finished after he went to bed.  Decorating real trees is always so much harder than the fake ones!

A few more pictures from the Santa parade we went to.  I'm glad Tatum seems to like Christmas just as much as his mom does.


  1. I love his precious plaid longalls! So sweet!

  2. I love that you guys got a big family picture out of the Santa visit - how fun!

  3. Holidays are so much fun with kids!! Love the Santa pics and that you matched with Tatum!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts