Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This & That

Tatum and I both love our time in the playroom - he plays with as many toys as he can fit into his hands and I try to use the time while he's busy to do some Christmas shopping on my iPad.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, Tatum is at the stage where he really starts noticing toys at the store and was in awe one day while we were shopping.

We celebrated our best girl's fourth birthday!  Stella's birthday was the week after Thanksgiving and we tried to make a big deal out of her with a walk, a few Christmas toys (which she unstuffed right away) and a burger/fries from McDonald's.

She's also never far from Tatum's high chair - these two love the same foods - Tatum is continuing to try new things and I love thinking back to the summer when we he hated eating in the beginning to loving it now.

A few more photos from our fun at the local tree lighting on Sunday night...

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