Sunday, December 2, 2018

Stocking Stuffers

Happy weekend! My second gift guide for the season and one of my favorites... stockings!  Opening a stocking is my favorite part of Christmas morning - it's always filled with the best things.   My mom always has us contribute a few items for each family member's stocking so I have a lot of fun making them too.

If you get creative with packaging - you can fit a lot in there! Jewelry, makeup, food items and gift cards are favorites to put in.  A couple bigger items like scarves, gloves, slippers, purses or wallets can fit in too!


  1. love all the cozy accessories - need those slippers and hat!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Stockings are some of my favorites, too. It's always so neat what my mom and dad come up with. It varies from nail polish, to tools, haha!

  3. I have those sparkly Kate Spade studs and they're so pretty for the holiday plus a perfect stocking stuffer! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis