Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons to be home!  I try to make sure we have a good amount of nights "in" during this busy season to enjoy cozy nights with the lights on the tree and enjoying the decorations.  We started pulling out decorations the week of Thanksgiving and slowly decorated through that weekend.  

The living room is my favorite room at Christmas time and it's the most that room gets used all year!  I love having a glass of wine sitting by the tree in there after Tatum goes to bed or enjoying a cocktail with Derek before dinner.

We rarely use the kitchen table at this stage in our lives - Tatum eats in his high chair so we usually eat at the counter seats.  I do enjoy having the table decorated though!  This is probably our last year of Derek and I moving the advent calendar in the background as Tatum will take that over next year.

We have a few touches of Christmas spirit around the kitchen - not a ton. I love having the candle scents throughout the house this time of the year too.

I keep our Spode dishes out in the dining room for decoration then they are easy for Derek and I to grab for dinner whenever we want. The tables cape is a mix of new things with old this year and I still have to put up our manger - the plant is holding its spot for now!

Luckily Tatum hasn't noticed many of the decorations this year because they aren't in an obvious spot where he plays.  As this is only our second year in the house, I enjoyed mixing up a little bit where some of the signs and things went.

We originally had his little people nativity set out for him to play with but I kept finding the pieces all over and I don't want to loose any just yet so we set it on display for now.

This year we added some touches to Tatum's room!  Last year I'd decorated his playroom but now that he actually plays in there and toys are everywhere I knew that wouldn't work.  The crib sheet and advent pillow are new additions.


  1. so lovely as usual! I love that you changed up his sheets and pillow - that's an awesome subtle way to add Christmas cheer.
    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Your house is always so gorgeous - even more so at Christmas! The living room does look like the perfect way to end the night with a drink, just soaking it all in. And I absolutely love all your Spode!

  3. Your house looks straight out of a magazine! If you ever need a new career... decorating should totally be it! Love everything about your decor!

  4. Everything is seriously so beautiful - that entryway tree and decor is stunning! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm now off to find festive crib sheets for Serena! Loving all the Christmas cheer, and I still need those Christmas tree glasses <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I have the exact same "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" sign, and love it. LOL I love how you placed two smaller trees to the side of your fireplace. What a great idea. Your home looks beautifully festive. XO

  7. Your home is very beautifully decorated for the season! Love the cute Christmas crib sheet.