Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Wishlist

Happy Friday!  I have a good bit of my Christmas shopping done and am hoping to finish up the rest this weekend to leave more time to enjoy the season!  Derek, Tatum and I all had our lists made early so I thought I'd share them today.

I'm most excited about watching Tatum open his gifts but it's fun to have a few things under the tree. A new cordless vacuum is high up on my list - a few cookbooks too then a few accessories to enjoy too.

Derek has a lot of golf items on his list - a game, new wedges, pullovers, etc.  He's hoping for a new coffee/expresso maker and a few other cooking items too.

Tatum's list is of course the biggest and most fun!  At the top of the list is a play kitchen with food and also a ride on car.  He loves little people, Mickey and music stuff.  It's the first year he can play outside in the snow so he needs some snow gear too!

Enjoy your weekend! xx 


  1. Brandon has a ton of golf stuff on his list this year, too. A new Range Finder is at the very top (because, as he says, "I can use it for golf AND hunting!" Ha!) Does Tatum have the Little People school bus and airplane? My boys loved those at his age (and honestly still do!).

  2. That vaccuum is on my list, too! More of my wishlist than real list, haha, but still!