Thursday, July 7, 2016

Looks & Life Lately {23}

It's been a little while since I did one of these and we've tried to get in plenty of summer activities in the midst of travels.  It's always these little/everyday moments I enjoy blogging about because they are the best to look back on after, if not I'd probably forget them!   

We are really loving our lower deck area - definitely a hit this summer.

sandals (also available in black, fuchsia, ivory here)

Bartender Derek at your service at Sotherden's Saloon.

Also loving nights at home and as many dinners on the grill that we can make.

Another night back at Dining Under the stars - this time much warmer than last but still a gorgeous night and delicious Mexican food with great company. 

A quick happy hour visit to say goodbye before our trip out west.

Mmm... a simple homemade key lime pie.  Recipe coming soon.

The happy hour spread for the night - this antipasto from Wegman's is a new favorite along with some usuals. 

Aren't these two the cutest together?

Since we were at the lake for Father's Day we had a belated BBQ celebration complete with key lime cocktails & pie - Steve's favorite! 

I love shopping afternoons with my mama and we most always end up in our favorite store.

Cheers to summer nights!

Summer is all about nights at the ballpark, right?  A fun night out with friends.

Love these guys...

And the daily dose of Stella... 


  1. It's so great you guys have been able to fit in lots of family time even with your travels! That antipasto dish look super yummy, as does your other spreads!

  2. I have been loving our grill - we try and use it at least 3 times a week! Makes dinner so much easier.

  3. That key lime pie looks Ah-MAZing! Can't wait for the recipe!

  4. I can't wait for your key lime pie recipe! It looks so delicious! And a night at a baseball game is perfect during the summer!

  5. Phillies games are the best! Looks like you've been having so much fun. Beautifully Candid

  6. Jealous of all the fun you're having! Mmmm...key lime pie! And that Bring Your Own Tequila place looks awesome. What a neat idea!

  7. You are knocking it out of the park (my attempt at a baseball reference, lol) with everything lately! Busy, but a fun kind of busy!! I am loving the new bar and all the goodies, like that key lime pie!!

  8. Summer is really best! Nothing beats getting outside, grilling, and enjoy time with friends and family!


  9. I've been loving seeing all your delicious food spreads! Y'all are definitely enjoying the summer grilling :)

  10. Making homemade key lime pie is one of our favorite things! Also, I bought that Essie dress that's in your photo and it is now my absolute favorite summer dress.

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  11. You have such a fun life! I love all the outtings. And that key lime pie looks delicious. I can't wait for the recipe.

  12. Looks like you've been having a ton of fun lately! They are reopening a Lilly store at NorthPark and I can't wait!!

  13. As always, so much to love and enjoy in your life! Looks like your living this summer to the fullest.