Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top Ten Celebrity Favorite Restaurants in LA

After our most recent trip to California, I've had a lot of comments and emails about how we've seen so many celebrities so today I've compiled a list of some of my favorite celebrity hangouts.  Through concierge recommendations, always reading on Daily Mail and occasional googling it's not too hard to sip wine and enjoy a meal where your favorite celebrities do.  Whether your hoping to see a celebrity or not (it's enjoyable enough to just dine at their favorites) - these places all have delicious food and great settings which make for a great night out.

Nobu Malibu 
The location is key to this location and they limit their reservations so it's a quieter setting and they also limit your table time so you don't hog the table after your meal but there are couches to lounge/take in the view near the front entrance.  Everything on the menu is delicious - coming from a non-sushi lover.

Make a reservation well in advance and if your staying at a hotel nearby (Beverly Hills) have the concierge to it for you.  They have a little bit of everything on the menu and it's all delicious & there's always a buzzing crowd here.

The Nice Guy 
A current Hollywood hotspot and I wouldn't recommend unless you have an extra night open or just want to see the setting.  Like Nobu, they limit the reservations so it's never too crowded and you must have a reservation to get in the door.  The food is average so it's definitely the exclusive setting that has the appeal.

The Beverly Hills Hotel (Cabana Cafe, Polo Lounge)
Even if not staying in the hotel, this landmark is highly famous so popping in for a lunch at the Cabana Cafe near the pool or dining on the patio in the Polo Lounge is a must - the settings are each fantastic and the food doesn't disappoint.

Sur, Villa Blanca & Pump
If your a Bravo fan these three are for you.  In my opinion Villa Blanca has the best food and setting, Sur was average - but it's always fun to see the "set" of Vanderpump Rules and Pump has a garden that's a great setting for cocktails.  Lisa & Ken are in and out of these all the time so your chances of seeing them or someone else from the show are better but not guaranteed.

We've tried our fairshare of steakhouses and this is hands down our favorite from the appetizers to entrees/shared sides and the classic buttenrcake dessert.  You can opt for the steakhouse which has two differently styled floors and a balcony or the penthouse (which has a DJ and a louder scene).  Other good choices are Cut at the Beverly Wilshire or Boa (delicious drinks).

The Ivy
I'd say it's safe to say many celebrities have dined at this classic spot with easy access for the paparazzi to snap them outside on the patio.  Not as much anymore since it's lacking privacy but it's a darling setting with fresh florals everywhere, unique plate designs and complimentary champagne upon arrival and cookies upon leaving which makes for a great lunch spot.  An option for another classic, delicious and easy lunch spot is Nate n Al's steps away from Rodeo Drive.

Tower Bar 
Another spot with a little bit of everything on the menu plus an ice cream bar menu for dessert.  It's a more intimate setting with no photography/cell phones allowed which gives you a chance to really focus on the conversation.

Il Pastaio
Located steps from Rodeo Drive with a wrap around shaded patio this is another classic lunch spot with all the usual Italian menu items.  Other popular Italian spots include Madeo and Dan Tanas.

Celebrities love their sushi and Sugar Fish has a few locations - only offering sushi.  If you're like me and like sushi spots but not sushi then Koi and Katsuya are delicious and have great vibes.

If you're ever in the greater Los Angeles area and hoping to either spot a celebrity or dine like one, these were some of my favorite go to's.  If you need any other recommendations to the area, let me know! xx


  1. I didn't see any celebrities when we were in L.A. haha. We did go to the Ivy and to Sur though. The Ivy is SO charming and the food was actually pretty good. The food at Sur was just OK to me but it's a cool looking place. I also remember seeing all of the people from Vanderpump Rules. :-) Thanks for sharing and I hope that you are having a great week!!!

  2. I just really want to go to the first restaurant you mentioned! & mainly for those views - they're amaaaazing!

  3. Ryan & I have actually been talking about going to LA this fall so I'll definitely remember to check your recommendations. The views from Nobu look amazing and sushi is my favorite so I'll keep that in mind :)

    xo, Kristina
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  4. I love that some restuarants limit the reservations so things stay quiet - that's really neat!

  5. Glad to hear Nobu was good! I'm not a sushi fan either so I was worried the rest of their food would just be blah. And if I'm ever in LA I will definitely have to check out one of Lisa's restaurants and hope to see her! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. What an awesome post! I'll have to remember this if we ever go to LA!

  7. I will pin this for future use for sure! Great list!

  8. I love this list so much, and I'm totally saving it for the next time we're in LA! I'm still so jealous that you saw so many celebrities on your last trip, but hopefully next time we're there we'll see one of them in one of the restaurants on your list!

  9. I love Sugar Fish. My friend takes me there every time I visit LA. I am going there for work soon and can't wait to check some of these out.

  10. ah all great rec's! i def want to go to sugar fish as a sushi lover and need to go to all the bravo restaurants - i mean lisa and ken's haha. i died when you got that photo with her! and beverly hills hotel - YES. so chic

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. Another fun spot to check out for lunch or just even coffee/a snack- Fred's at the top of Barneys in Beverly Hills. Be sure to sit outside for a great view! Also, another fun "beachy" restaurant that is a must- Back on the Beach in Santa Monica. It's very laid back and you actually sit at tables in the sand overlooking the water. I've seen many celebrities here (including Whitney from the Hills) who rode her bike there for lunch. It's super understated, so it's not a place celebrities go to "be seen". It's cool just to see them go about their everyday lives. You must try the Fred's salad.. so delicious. Finally, Gladstones in Malibu also has a great view, too! Oh and I almost forgot! If you like pancakes (even if you don't, this will change things.) ;) Try Dup-ar's at Farmers Market by the Grove. Seriously, AMAZING. Their boysenberry syrup is so delicious and I don't know how they make pancakes so delicious!! Also, Farmers Market has gourmet food of all varieties.. You will probably see celebrities there, too. ;) But you'll have to keep an eye out because it's very understated as well. Okay, so I was JUST going to give the Barneys suggestion, but I kept thinking of other fantastic places I had to share!! :)