Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day BBQ

Happy Memorial Day!! 
So thankful and blessed!

What a beautiful and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend this is!!  We have Phillies tickets later on today so we did our Memorial Day BBQ last night… 
A sad effort at decorating - but I quickly pulled some things out of our Fourth of July box
Brothers!! All three of them
Everyone else was enjoying the weather on the deck while we finished up a few kitchen things
Mother of the Bride
Father of the Bride
 Snapped a pic of them using one of their stocking stuffers

The boys had a great time on the deck while the rest of our prepared our food items
 Enjoying our key lime pie martinis
{See below for recipe}

 The toast turned into a couple great toasts
 Kicking off our last summer as singles
 We had my mexican dip for appetizers - and devoured them
 The grill master and his helper
Deck selfie with mom
 Matchy Matchy
 The boys tackling the buffet - we had italian sausages, hot dogs, pasta salad, asian cole slaw and of course my mexican dip for an appetizer and cookie dough balls after
 From un-cool to my best friends - We were going over how I'm a little sad to move out

 Key Lime Pie Martinis 
1 shot whipped cream vodka, squeeze in one lime, fill the rest with sprite
{credit goes to… Steve!}
 Whipped Cream Vodka
 Lime Juice

Xo C

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