Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites

 Just an average Friday morning on Clover Circle - a movie being filmed!  I'm not sure what it is or who's in it but apparently most of it's being filmed in the area - the day before they were at Sligo on State Street all day
 Trying to use Steve and Nash as my decoy so I didn't look too "un-cool" trying to snap a picture
When we got home on Friday I thought they'd be done but by this point they were still going full force and all the neighborhood kids were out watching on the grass
 We of course celebrated  Mother's Day

 It was the first walk in a while that Nash was able to do this - look t that smile.

 The weather was iffy later in the day on Saturday but Nash and I got in some nice time in the sunshine working on our tans during the morning
Fantastic Find of the Week: How cute is this paisley cooler?! We found it at HomeGoods!

The roomates and I ran by the Radnor Hotel to check on some wedding stuff then poor Steve hit up DSW with mom and I before going to...El Gran! It's been over a month since we've been - way too long. We had some margs at the bar until Derek got off work to meet us.
On Tuesday Mom & Steve's went to the Penn State Coach's Caravan Dinner and Derek was home early so the King graced Nash and I with his presence for a walk on the trail!
We came out of the trail right as the sun was setting but not before Derek was able to rescue a ball from the tennis courts for Nash - my phone died right after this but the operation was successful and Nash was a happy pup
Wednesday was a day game for the Phillies so Mom, Steve & I made a last minute decision to go!  We ate at Karry the K's right on the railing.
We usually eat there before the game so it was fun to watch the game from a different view before going over to our seats

Xo C

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