Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Weekend in DC

We spent the weekend down in DC with our best friends and I'm pretty sure we are still recovering - we all have the best time when we get together so it was worth it.  

 Right when Sarah walked in the door - distance doesn't really mean anything 
 SO fit
 lady soulmates
 my main soulmates

 How fun it was to play skiball
 Non stop laughing when we're all together
What a beautiful day in DC for drinks at the bullpen

 Bullpen next to the Nationals stadium

 Best fiancĂ© ever holding all our stuff
.. and again

 Cuddle Buddies - how all our weekends end
 Absorb DC
Buddies at brunch
Not only did reality set in because we were sad to leave but then we hit this.. and our time to get home doubled

Xo C

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