Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary to My Parents

Happy Happy Anniversary to Mom & Steve!! 
It seems not that long ago that we were swept up in all the wedding events but really it was 13 years!  Now we are swept back up in wedding events and wedding something every. single. day. for 
Derek & I.

A flashback to May 19, 2001 

 Love our beautiful church - in a couple months it'll be Derek and I up there

 I definitely want to do a photo like this with Derek

 With a couple of my friends at the reception.  Kortne & Lindsay are now my bridesmaids!

 I can only imagine what I'm asking/telling them

A young Davey with our parents - I just loved their champagne glasses and picked out a very similar pair

I have so much fun looking back through the photos because I can really see how Mom and I have very similar styles..

Xo C

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