Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites

The Biggest part of the week was of course our weekend in Sparta and the Bridal Shower Up There 

Successful Friday Night - we ran some errands (including finding every nail polish color I was looking for) before polishing off these cheese fries and much more at Outback and a little visit to Froyo Land after
We ran over for a great dinner at Quotations on Sunday when we got back from Sparta; I guess Steve was the odd man out here with the plates - but we really had a great time recapping the weekend
The roommates helping organize all our beautiful gifts when we got back home
Monday was a gorgeous day! One of us had off and went golfing to recover from the weekend - one of us went off to work, very tired from the weekend
We were eating dinner in Harry the K's while the National Anthem was being sun and I cannot believe I didn't hear them announce Kristen!! I didn't notice this until about the 5th inning :-/
Mom and I got our hair done

Just For Fun...
Cheers to these guys; the Friends series finale was TEN years ago this week!

Xo C

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