Thursday, April 9, 2020

This & That: Quarantine

I think the above pictures sum it up, ha!  The days may be crazy but we are lucky to be happy and healthy at home passing the time.  The sunny and better weather days make all the difference and it's so nice to get out and walk/play on the deck.  Tatum's also getting so good on his scooter!

When this first started, we let Tatum nap on his nap-mat on the couch instead of in his crib which led him to take longer naps giving me a longer break while Derek worked upstairs so it's still a trend to this day but I don't even mind it - like everything we will take it day to day and for now it works!  A few days week, I love taking a nap on the other couch right next to him!

Stella is such a part of our family, but now even more so!  Having a dog in the house is so uplifting and with all of our walks, she's really benefiting from us being home.  Tatum and Stella were always close but now he checks on her more than ever.

We've been doing Zoom, House Party, Facetimes and streaming church services - it's crazy this is all going on but I'm thankful we have all these ways to see friends and family.

We treated Tatum to a few extra things to get his energy out and this trampoline has definitely been a favorite - we haven't even moved it out of the family room since he's always playing on it.

The rainy, cold days are the worst - we so look forward to our walks before dinner and playing outside - even on the rainy days, when it stops then we get right outside.

After debating it for a few years, we decided to just try out an inexpensive firepit  recently and we've just started using it but it's been such a fun way for all of us to pass the time at home.

Like many people, we've stocked up on puzzles, board games, word searches, books, etc.  We have become hooked onto puzzles and usually always have on out on the dining room table.

I've finally found the time to get back to this blog turned into scrapbook - this isn't the best time of life but we're making the most of it as a family and I hope to remember the little memories we're making.


  1. The picture of Tatum napping with Stella is the cutest! Sounds like you guys are making the most of this time. :)

  2. Sounds like you are keeping busy and staying sane! Tatum looks like he's have fun, and I'm sure Stella is loving having extra attention with her humans home! Stay safe and healthy!

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