Thursday, April 2, 2020

Toddler Easter Baskets

Happy Thursday!  During this crazy time it seems the days keep fading into each other but whether stuck at home or not, Easter is a little over a week away.  As things were shutting down I grabbed a few things to fill baskets at Target and then finished up with things from Amazon and a curbside Target pickup also.

Tatum's really at a fun age for Easter so even thought it won't be as we planned, I'm still looking forward to making it fun for him.  He doesn't have candy so I tried to do a mix of fun food treats and a couple entertaining toys mixed with special things he'd love... Mickey, Sesame Street, Dinosaurs.

Easter Egg Stuffing: Clearly the egg hunts we usually go to are cancelled so I got these stamps, these growing dinosaurs and these magic grow capsules.  I also plan to put a few toddler friendly snack items in too!  

Easter Baking Fun: In addition to dyeing eggs, some sensory activities, coloring Easter pictures and things - I ordered these cookie cutters to make/decorate our own cookies.  These got thrown into the order to drop off on our friends porches for a fun Easter treat.

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